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Rapunzel Hair Goals- My Hair Favorite Hair Products

hair products

We all want long, beautiful luscious locks just like Rapunzel but with the coloring and curling, we’re constantly damaging our hair!  Today I am sharing with you my favorite hair products that 1) help my hair grow longer and thicker, 2) keep my hair healthy and 3) products that help me style it.

I am a big believer in the beauty works from the inside out. So what you eat effects how you look.  Because of this I start every morning with Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.  I put this collagen powder in my coffee and you can’t even taste it!  I have seen a huge difference in my hair and my nails since using it!  As an afternoon snack I have a scoop of Vital Proteins Beef Bone Broth mixed with 1 cup of beef stock.  Not only is it a healthy snack but it has beauty benefits!  Collagen is the vital building block of our bodies including skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints. Our bodies cannot synthesize enough collagen on their own so I take these supplements to give my hair, nails and skin a beauty boost!

My outer beauty routine begins with dpHue Renew shampoo and conditioner.  Heat and styling can damage your hair, but there’s no way giving up my curing iron! dpHue’s Renew line repairs breakage and bring dull, damaged, lifeless hair hair back to life.

Once I’ve shampooed and conditioned my hair I ring out my hair and use dpHue Apple Cider Vinegar Hair RinseThis vinegar rinse cleanses hair without stripping it of its natural oils.  It also strengthens hair leaving it soft and shiny.  I keep this product on for 3-5 minutes and rinse it out.

hair products

Once out of the shower I towel dry my hair and use Moroccan Oil Treatment from root to tip then brush my hair.  This oil treatment leaves your hair healthy and shiny.

As much as possible I let my hair air dry.  I like to give my hair as much of a break from heat as I can, so I typically only blow dry my hair once a month to every 6 weeks.

Once dry and before styling, I spray my hair with Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray. This heat protecting spray helps strengthen and protect the hair from daily use of heating tools.  Next, I use a 1 1/4 inch curling iron.  With my length of hair I find this to be the perfect width.

Once curled, I loosen my curls with my fingers then spray Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray at my roots. This spray builds incredible volume and adds texture to your look!

Once I am happy with my look I set it with Drybar’s Money Maker Flexible Hold Hairspray.  This spray has just enough hold to keep your style but does’t leave hair gross and crispy.

I don’t wash my hair everyday so when it’s looking a little tired, lip and let’s be honest, greasy, I use Drybar’s Detox Dry Shampoo to give it some umph and life again!

I hope you have all enjoyed this post and learning about my favorite hair products.  Stay tuned because soon I will be posting my skincare routine and my favorite skincare products!

Kisses and hair goal wishes,

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