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Home Inspiration- Living Room Decor

Hello friends and happy Tuesday!  As most of you probably know I am moving soon.  Walker and I found a place in University Park and we could not be more in love with it!  Over the next few weeks before I move in (Walker won’t be moving in until August) I will be sharing my new home inspiration with you!  Today I am sharing the inspiration for my living room decor!

We’re keeping the majority of the pieces we currently have and incorporating some new pieces to give it a fresh feel.  Though I have a lot of taxidermy in my current studio and 3 cowhide rugs in my small 850 sqft, my place is still VERY girly.  I want to butch the new place up so it feels more masculine and like a couple lives there.  Not a single girl and her 17 pound dog.

By adding some vintage maps and Revolutionary War paintings and keeping the light fixture dark and moody I’m able to transform the vibe of the room to ensure it gets Walker’s stamp of approval!

When Walker moved into his current place I surprised him by getting a Led Zeppelin tapestry he’s had since college framed for him.  It’s actually one of my favorite pieces we have!

I’m still leaving some pops of pink and incorporating a feminine nude line drawing, just so the place doesn’t feel like a bachelor pad, or god forbid a frat house!

I hope you love my living room decor inspiration! Stay tuned as I will be posting even more home inspiration!

Kisses and home is where the heart is wishes,

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