Bunny Cake Fun

Easter is just a days away!  This coconut bunny cake recipe is great for the whole family and will get everyone in the Easter mood!

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Following the directions on the box, bake 2 round cakes and 2 cupcakes. I find using spring form pans for the round cakes work best. I used 3 inch spring form pans instead of 9 because I wanted a smaller cake and I made Walker cupcakes with the remaining batter.
Bake and cool cake as directed on package.
When cooled, cut 2 convex shaped ears from each side of one round cake, creating 3 pieces- two ears and a bow tie.
Next cut the tops off the cupcakes. You’ll only need the tops so feel free to eat the bottom halves- quality control is key!
Frost the whole round cake with your favorite white frosting and cover with coconut. Place this round piece in your serving try. This piece will be your bunnies head.
Frost the cupcake tops on all sides and old coast the top with coconut. The bottom frosting will secure the cupcakes to the bunnies face creating his cheeks.
Next frost and coat the bow tie and ears and place on serving tray. I like using food coloring to create colored coconut for the inside of the ears and the box tie. To do this place coconut in a ziplock bag with a few drops of desired color food coloring. Seal and move the coconut around in the bag until the flakes are coated evenly.
Using your favorite candy decorate the bunny giving him a nose and eyes. Edible eyes here.

Kisses and hippity hoppity wishes,

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