Fruit Infused Vodka

fruit infused vodka recipe

One of the best parts of summer is sipping cocktails outdoors but calories can really add up when sipping sugary and fruity drinks. Today I am sharing a recipe that is packed with flavor but leaves behind the added sugar.

Fruit infused vodka is a great way to pack a cocktail with flavor and cut back on sugar.  Combine your  fruit infused vodka with club soda and you have yourself a refreshing summer cocktail without all the sugary guilt!

fruit infused vodka recipe

In an airtight container like a large cookie jar or large mason jar add one bottle of vodka and 2 cups of fruit or herbs of your choosing. Here I tried raspberry, mint and lemon, blueberry, mint and lemon and green apple and lemon. Refrigerate for at least one week and ta-dah, you have yourself some fruit infused vodka!

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herb infused vodka– low sugar, low cal and packed with botanical and fresh flavors
lightened up mint julep– all the flavor you love minus all the sugar and calories
raspberry rosé spritzer– a sweet combination of berries and rosé

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