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Spring Cleaning

“Have nothing in you house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris

Flowers are blooming, the weather is warming and its time for some spring cleaning!

I live in an 850 sqft studio with hardly an storage.  I have no coat or utility closet, I have a pedestal sink in my bathroom so the only storage I have in there is a small medicine cabinet… you get where I’m going with this- I seriously have a shortage of storage!  So spring cleaning is crucial in my house since I only have room for what I actually need and use.

Today I’m giving you some vanity/make up area spring cleaning and organizing tips because let’s be honest- there’s no such thing as too much make up and all of us ladies could stand to keep our makeup area a little tidier.

Add additional lighting with this easy DIY pendant from World Market.  Just attach a lamp shade and a bulb, attach to the cieling and plug it in.  Not only will you be able to see your products better in a well lit area but your make up will look even more flawless too. This is great for any area you want to add some extra light.
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Keep all of your brushes clean and organized by using pretty tooth brush holders or mason jars to store them.  I like separating them- eye brushes and face brushes.  I also store my liners this way.  I put my tweezers and sharpeners in a shot glass.

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I like keeping all of my perfume displayed in one corner so I can easily see all of my options.

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These storage baskets from Target are great!  I hammered them into the wall to create more storage.  You can do this anywhere in your home where you need extra space to store things.  All you need is a hammer and some nails and baskets that match your decor.  In these baskets I store my hair products.

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I love these storage cubes from target.  They come in different shapes and sized and you can really customize them to your exact needs.  I use sea grass baskets in them and I store the rest of my make up.  I like everything to be really organized in the baskets so everything is easy to find.  I use tupperware and old take out containers to separate my products- eyeshadow, face makeup, lipsticks, lip gloss.

Kisses and spring cleaning wishes,


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