Fall Fashion Trends Series- Polka Dots

Hello friends and happy Thursday!  I am so happy tomorrow is finally Friday!  Walker has to work this weekend so I will be spending the weekend with him out in Sherman!

Today is another post for my fall fashion trends series and today’s featured hot fall trend is polka dots!  Keep reading for full details on this polka dot look plus more of my favorite polka dot pieces!

I paired this red polka dot dress and sassy earrings.

…more polka dots to swoon over…

…more fall fashion trends…

  1. Sequin EVERYTHING!
  2. Monochromatic red- red from head to toe.
  3. Florals.
  4. Pajamas in public. Now this is a trend I can get behind!
  5. Fun with fur! Think bright colors and bold prints.
  6. Fishnet tights.
  7. Fringe. Feeling like a flapper?
  8. Sheer layering.
  9. 70’s plaid! Plaid-a-delic, baby!
  10. Retro hats.
  11. Victorian collars.
  12. Canadian Tuxedo, some may say. Denim on denim!
  13. Midi- skirts and dresses.
  14. Sherling? Sure thing!
  15. Do the polka! Polka dots!
  16. Bodysuits.
  17. Jewel tone velvet. How regal!
  18. One shoulder pieces.
  19. Leather, duh.
  20. Lingerie inspired pieces. Oh la la!

Kisses and fall fashion trends wishes,

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